Sunday, March 6, 2011

My jeweler

Hello , I alredy finished my jeweler.  when I return from the street, I always put my earrings or my ring (not very valuable) in any part of my house and later I cannot find them; so I decided to make something simple for that jewelry that a person uses daily and does not need  a special jeweler.

I bought all stuff  in Michaels , Its no expensive only you should like to paint ;)

My husband helped me to cut the wood.. ;)
 I painted the piece with white base then it is very important to sand the piece down to eliminate the imperfections that the brush leaves.

Then I transferred the drawing towards the piece.

 I bought all in Michaels Its no expensive. The square block  I did 6 holes, and the the wooden rod I cut in 6 pieces 5 cm aprox. All pieces I painted with brown color.

I put Red felt in all parts to protect the  jewelry.

I put some beads to decorate.. Like you can see Its not a an elegant jeweler, it is only to put this jewelry that we use every day.

I hope that you like it...

Have a good day :)

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