Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Exploding Box for my husband

Hello friends, You have  time yet to make a easy Valentine Exploding box,  Just go and look for some papers, pictures, sticker, beans, ribbons any stuff that you have inside your desk , get them out and start to create  decorate something special for your love .

I did it for my husband for two reasons , one for valentine and other reason because on February 12 we are going to be six years of being together and are going to celebrate it..

I dont master to make card, I only left my mind to fly ...Remember you have to put your special touch. ;)

Some steps:

  Its the other side
Cut the same model but more small

Then, put together , you can more than 2.

Choose your favorites pictures and start to decorate.
Here the sizes that I used to make my exploding box.
Product final
 When you remove the lid: Surprises


I hope that you like, Have a good day ;)


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