Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The homework of my son: " Puppy Paper bag Puppet"

Today, my son Matthew returned from the P-K with a special Homework ; It was a " Puppy paper bag puppet" the instructions said:

1.- Have children color and cut out.
2.- Help children glue the puppet head to the botton of a lunch bag and the puppet body onto the front of the bag.

It will be the first craft for him, he always paint but we decided to make it a little more entertaining and special, " so we started to look for things that it was serving us to decorate the puppet , We got it , now "hands to the work"

My son cut out the puppy , How you can "Its not perfect" but He tried ;)

We used brown and black Pom Poms

We started to cut it out in small pieces.

And we had a lot poms for all sides , we were sneezing all the time ..It was very funny

Then , we started to put glue, first the  dark parts of the body of the puppy.

Then we covered the rest with brown pom poms.

Then , We did the same for the head.. but for the eyes we used white pom poms

He painted its tongue with red sharpie

I dont know How it called? I think It is pom wire.,  but we used it for eyes, eyebrows, mouth and one pom poms was used like nose.

We almost done, Now Glue the part with the paper bag.

We finished His homework. It is ready for tomorrow  and He is going to show  and share it with his friends and teacher, we really had a great time together. Its no perfect but Its very special.

I hope that you like it ;) have a great day


  1. That is so cute and creative! I love it!

  2. Beautiful! I would like to post this for all parents to see! You have created a wonderful memory with your son! I love this!


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