Saturday, April 16, 2011

I had to change my blog, I got new one...

Hello Friends, for some troubles I had to change my blog,  my new one is  I already imported all my posts, But I dont have any follower yet, Please If you still want to follow me , sign in the new one. My old blog will be delete  soon.

Thank so much for all your comment
 and have a good day ;)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cricut Expression 2 Anniversary Edition Giveaway

Cricut Expression 2 Anniversary Edition Giveaway

Cricut Expression 2: Anniversary Edition
Gifted by Provo Craft
Reviewed by Karisa Tell

While the previous Cricut Expression machines were great to begin with, the new Cricut Expression 2: Anniversary Edition is even better. All of the minor grievances you may have had with your previous machine have been addressed and improved upon in the new edition. If you want a pleasant die-cutting experience, I would already recommend trying a Cricut machine, but if you want a top of the line, luxury die-cutting experience, make sure you try out the Cricut Expression 2: Anniversary Edition machine!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Decorating eggs,...... ;) ;)

Hello, today I had an entertained day while I was decorating my eggs, I was looking for all my  home,  things for ideas to decorate.

First I decoupaged, I used the wrapping paper of my favorite chocolate and tissue papers.

To finish I put a nice ribbon and one bead. ;)
Then When I was cooking I found my Noddles and I thought Why not?  ..I used 2 kinds: One was small flower and the other one was  the Alphabet.

I used Acrylic Paint 

And  I found my Pom Poms  and I decided to use it.. Used the blue , yellow and pink ones , then I cut in small pieces.

I think that my Eggs are Funny, and I still looking around to get more ideas.. :)  I hope that you like and I would like to Know your opinion ,Thank you so much
And Have a great day ;)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hello , I bought 15 plastic basket ( you can find them for $1.00 or less)  for all pre-kindergarden of my son and I decided to decorate with cardboard from different colors, I have a lots of them ...But you can use foam Its other option then .. I designed the rabbit in my computer ,,I think Its cute ;)

The pre-kindergarden will have an egg hunt on April 14th.. I cant wait for this day ;)

Now some steps :

1.- I cut one line of paper to cover the whole outline of the basket.

2.- I put together  all the parts of my rabbit.

3.- I put child's name for each basket, I used this letters Its already cut it, but I decided to put some glitter and I used glitter Acrylic paint.

4.- I cut green line .. then I glue the rabbit on the basket.

5.- The color That I used to put the border I used to make eggs , then I made shadows with it.

6.- I used this punch to put on the eggs.

8.- then I made some flowers to decorate and bought a book of Easter sticker for one dollar It contains more than 300 small sticker. and I used ribbons.

I Hope that you like it, I would like to know your opinion, please leave a comment

Have a great Happy Easter ;)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oh My Crafts Blog: 3.5.11 EASTER CARD CONTEST

Oh My Crafts Blog: 3.5.11 EASTER CARD CONTEST

I created this card for the contest, I hope that you like it ;)

I would like to know your opinion , please leave a comment and have a good day ;)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Egg Pencil for Easter

Hello, Holitas, Today I am going to show How to make a nice pencil for Easter.  I did it for all the friends of my son of Pre-Kinder.

Its very cheaper and easy to make it. My son is very happy He can not wait for Easter. Now the step by step:

All store are selling the plastic eggs, I chose that ones:

I used a knife to make a hole , The plastic is very soft so It was easy.

I used a  rectangular foamy  ,the sizes are 3'' x 1.50''

I used  the adhesive glueart to glue the foamy and cover the pencil.

This is going to serve as base

Then I put glitter to the base.

Then I joined the pencil with the plastic egg. I used hot glue.

Inside the egg I glue circle foamy. 

I cut several lines of papers and forms of egg,  later to cover them with glitter. But if you want you can use ribbons. 

I used then to put around. 


I was looking for internet some ideas for rabbits, but none convinced me, But you can used stickers . ;)  so I decided to used the corel draw and make my own rabbits.
Here is the picture:  
 And I started to decorate my rabbits

 To finish I put ribbons

Then I put together with the pencil

Inside the plastic egg I put one eraser and one pencil sharpener.


I hope that you like, 
Please leave a comment I would like to know your Opinion, Thank you so much
Have a good day.

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