Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Egg Pencil for Easter

Hello, Holitas, Today I am going to show How to make a nice pencil for Easter.  I did it for all the friends of my son of Pre-Kinder.

Its very cheaper and easy to make it. My son is very happy He can not wait for Easter. Now the step by step:

All store are selling the plastic eggs, I chose that ones:

I used a knife to make a hole , The plastic is very soft so It was easy.

I used a  rectangular foamy  ,the sizes are 3'' x 1.50''

I used  the adhesive glueart to glue the foamy and cover the pencil.

This is going to serve as base

Then I put glitter to the base.

Then I joined the pencil with the plastic egg. I used hot glue.

Inside the egg I glue circle foamy. 

I cut several lines of papers and forms of egg,  later to cover them with glitter. But if you want you can use ribbons. 

I used then to put around. 


I was looking for internet some ideas for rabbits, but none convinced me, But you can used stickers . ;)  so I decided to used the corel draw and make my own rabbits.
Here is the picture:  
 And I started to decorate my rabbits

 To finish I put ribbons

Then I put together with the pencil

Inside the plastic egg I put one eraser and one pencil sharpener.


I hope that you like, 
Please leave a comment I would like to know your Opinion, Thank you so much
Have a good day.


  1. That is such an adorable idea.

  2. I love this it is just adorable!!

  3. What a great idea! You are so creative, you are one crafty mamma. I saw your crayon wagon from the Glue Arts page. Congratulations on winning and thanks for sharing all your projects.

  4. So cool! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I am so happy for all your comments, Thank you so much ;)

  6. I like all your ideas paisana :)


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