Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crayon, pencil CAR holder for my son

My son love to paint, but the problem is that he leaves his crayons  in differences places and later he cannot find them, so I decided to make something funny for him and for his crayons, Now he can keep all in only place he love it.

And the best thing of everything is that I did with recycle materials like: Plastic bottles, Tin can , etc

I hope that you like, now see the step by step:

1,- To make the tires I used the plastic bottles, cut the end of them. then put together and decorate with yellow foam, green glitter and green beads.

2.- I decoupaged my old wood box, It used to be chocolate box.

I did 4 holes

3.- Then I decoupaged the tin can (food can).

4.- I made 4 windows and I used some pictures cartoons.

5.- I painted 2 wooden rods:

6.- Then I put all parts together. 

I decided to put the alphabet...

For the eyes I used the lids from the bottles.

My son was very happy with it

I hope that you like...Please leave a comment.
I would like to know your opinion ...Thanks
Have a good day :)


  1. This is awesome...I love it. I have a question concerning decoupaging a tin can. I am new to decoupage and I am wanting to done a few tin cans for my desk and my husbands desk. I am going to cover these in a piece of denim fabric that I have on hand. To keep the denim from fraying more should I use the fabric Mod Podge or will the regular Mod Podge work to stop the fraying? Thanks for your input on this. Your work is beautiful!

  2. Thank so much for you comment...I think You should use the fabric Mod Podge for best result.

    I used the regular Mod for craft, Its ok, but This one is more for paper..Have a good day ;)

  3. Thank you...Have a great day!

  4. Awesome LOVE it Im a new follower :D


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