Friday, March 11, 2011

My Lucky Family Frame (Home Green Decor)

Hello, Today I am going to show How to make a nice Family frame for my home, I used the color green because Its my lucky Family ;)

All materials you can find in Michaels , Its no expensive to make it.

Now the Step by step:

1.- I decoupage the wood block, The cost is 8.00 but I used my coupon from Michael for 50% off , I paid like $4.oo + tax..Its a good deal ;)

2.-  Then My husband helped to make 3 holes.. My family is 3 members.

4.-  I used the dark green acrylic paint to make shadow in all border.

5.- I used letters stickers.. But if you like , you can stamping  or painting.

6.- I cut 3 wooden rods  , then I covered with green ribbon.

7.- I bought it In Michaels , Now all about St. Patrick's stuffs are in discount. The package is coming more than 3 ;)

8.- Then I cut circle in the middle.

9.-  I chose 3 pictures: My son, My husband and me ..hihihih ;)

10.- I used hot glue to put on the wooden rods.

11.-  The package that I bought it , Its coming with glitter and without glitter. I used this one to cover the back side.

12.-  I cut some leave from the green ribbon, and I used fair to protect it.

13.- I used green beads

14.- I used the butterfly to decorate.

Product final

I hope that you like it, Please Leave a comment
I would like to know your opinion.

Have a good day ;)


  1. Very Nice, and you cn switch it out for other Holidays just by changng the colors and the frame...

  2. Cute! Cute! Cute! And the pencil holder is cute too. I'm going to make one for my granddaughters. Thanks for the idea!


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